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The purpose of this website is to sell books and attract customers to it like a bookshop, where a visitor enters, browses, buys – or not – and leaves; if s/he pays by credit card or asks for something, s/he leaves behind certain details about her/himself. These are perforce stored for the sake of the business in question, and for no other purpose, and are considered private and confidential.

Thus, if a customer buys a book from this site, or leaves a message by way of the Contact page, or (Heaven forbid) has a complaint, information about the said customer remains on this website relevant only to that customer so that any contact requirement may be acted upon and no more.

Commercial analysis

The prime concern of this website is therefore not to diffuse or process visitor or customer data beyond the purposes and the correct functionality of this site, such as the necessity duly to know how many visits to and purchases from it are made. For that there is recourse to Google Analytics and a very discreet Cookie policy. Customer information is not of a personal kind but if anyone visiting this site is uncomfortable therewith, it is better not to use it and come back when one is feeling better (!).

Personal information proviso

If a visitor to this website does indeed chuse to disclose personal information, it remains on this site unless Anne Hauden Historical Novels needs to provide any service or assistance to the said visitor that requires recourse to accredited third parties in a professional capacity, which will be done in confidence. Use of this website denotes consent to this provision.

Site protection and disclaimer

If a visitor to or customer of this website seeks out another person or entity mentioned on this same website, Anne Hauden Historical Novels is not responsible for what is on that other website or for the consequences of suchlike quests.

The Anne Hauden Historical Novels website is carefully and properly protected according to all available resources reasonable in the milieu of the execution of this business, but on the Internet there are no 100% guarantees. Anne Hauden Historical Novels disclaims all responsibility for damage to any electronic apparatus or its content connecting with this site as the result.

Reasonable and customary security measures are in use to protect visitors’ and customers’ information collected through this website, bearing in mind that no method is 100% safe.

Legal obligations

All information regarding visitors and customers will be disclosed to the relevant legal authority if this website is approached during any investigation of illegal, fraudulent or criminal activity on the part of the said visitors and customers, or if Anne Hauden Historical Novels has reason to approach the said legal authority for the same purposes. This includes breach of copyright regulations.

Automatic collection of information

Anne Hauden Historical Novels and the website’s third party advisers may use automatic collection technologies that collect information about visitors and customers for the purposes of improving the site and the services on it, without providing personal information to them being responsible for, controlling or endorsing the said third parties’ activities.

Changes in Business

Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to interfere with the ability of Anne Hauden Historical Novels to transfer all or part of the website business, equity interests or assets, including this website, to an affiliated or unaffiliated third party at any time, for any purpose, without any limitation, and without notice or any compensation to visitors or customers beyond what they have bought and paid for.

Alterations in privacy policy

The internet and date privacy best practice are both constantly developing. Anne Hauden Historical Novels reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and from time to time. If this privacy policy changes in any way, an updated version will be posted on this page. Regular reviews of this page thus ensures that all who visit and use this site will be aware of what information is collected, how it is used, and the circumstances in which it has to be shared. Continued visits to this website after any change in this Privacy Policy constitutes an acceptance of such a change.

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